A Christmas Story

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Rob is joined by past and future guests AJ Miller and Chris Chapin to discuss the 24hr classic A CHRISTMAS STORY. Chapin takes a more modern spin, Rob casts an apartment building, and AJ pitches a Coen Brother’s Christmas.

Follow AJ on instagram @ arthurmillerjr and check out Chapin’s podcast Panels on Channels and all VStheUNIVERSE stuff

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Fred Claus

Host of Popfury podcast, Sammy Tamimi, drops by to fill in the void that Josiah left and to talk about FRED CLAUS. Rob pitches a Soprano’s episode, Sammy has a fun holiday mystery, and we both agree that the movie is not bad but could be better (Remakes begin at 38mins).


Check out PopFury Podcast (http://popfurypodcast.com/) on iTunes and Twitter @ popfurypodcast. And follow Sammy on twitter @ SammyTamimi

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White Christmas

The hosts of Rabbit Hole the Podcast, Erin Rein and Tyler Samples, drop by to talk the Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye classic WHITE CHRISTMAS. Erin updates the cast, Rob has a late night spin, and Tyler pitches a remake inside a remake (remakes begins at 52mins (but really begin at 54mins). 


Check out Rabbit Hole: A Wikipedia Podcast (http://rabbithole.libsyn.com/), follow Erin on twitter @ ErinMRein, looking for ads for TRIBULATION: the Musical, and find Tyler in real life and say hello. 

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Star Wars Holiday Special

Maggie Smith drops by for Life Day, as we discuss the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special. Before there was BB-8 beeping, there was Bea Arthur singing. We talk about it all and let the force guide us through our remakes.

Follow Maggie on Twitter @THEJudiDench and check out her podcast, Thought You Should Know!

You can also watch the special for yourself here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4CtXcjib4o

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Thank Yous and Programming Note

We announce a big change for our podcasters, and also give thanks to you, our amazing listeners. We truly could not do this podcast without you, and your support has meant the world. Although there are big changes on the horizon, we look forward to continuing to stay in your earbuds through our holiday episodes and through 2016!

We also want to extend special thanks to some great podcasts: PopFury, Rabbit Hole, Talking Games, and An Hour With Your Ex! And very special thanks to our patient roommates, Linus Lee, Jeff Murdoch, Kellen Terrett, and John Chesney. 


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The Truman Show

David Winkler comes into our life-sized studio to talk about The Truman Show. Josiah and Rob pitch their remakes, then David talks about a version that may be 100% true to life. Remakes begin at 1:00:00! 

David is a great guy, so find him in real life!

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The Karate Kid

JP Thomas crane kicks his way onto the podcast to talk about the classic 80's movie, Karate Kid. 

Watch JP on stage in Chicago, including in Angina Pectoris at Theater Wit. And follow JP on Twitter @thejpthomas!

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Dirty Dancing

Cameron and Lindsay Goldapp get out of the corner and join us to talk about Dirty Dancing. Josiah ages things up, Rob has a brand-new concept, Cameron makes it modern, and Lindsay goes back in time. Remakes begin at 55:45.  

Follow Cameron on Twitter at @camgold and watch Lindsay and Cameron live at the Dallas Comedy House!

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Die Hard

Nathan Jansen fights his way through our podcast tower, as we talk about Die Hard. Josiah picks a new locale, Rob goes meta, and Nathan pitches a remake that is out of this world. And stay tuned for a Murdoch Minute at the end! Remakes begin at 48:15. 

Watch Nathan at ComedySportz, Baby Wants Candy, and iO in Chicago, and find him on Twitter @nathanjansen (and, for soccer fans, on Instagram). 

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The Lion in Winter

Kat Gotsick classes things up around here, stopping by to talk about The Lion in Winter. Rob makes things more animated and Josiah goes west, before Kat unleashes an idea she's been sitting on for a long time. Remakes begin at 41:00. 

Follow Kat @kgotsick on Twitter, and read her writing and editing at BroJackson.com!

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We smell what James Dugan is cooking, when he comes by to discuss the video-game movie, Doom. Remakes begin at 48:10!

Follow James on Twitter @DuganItRight!

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Groundhog Day

Comedian and squirrel enthusiast Jonny Nelson has us babe, as we discuss the classic comedy, Groundhog Day. 

Follow Jonny on Twitter @nelsonjonny and find MeowSauce videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/MeowSauceVideos.

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Beauty and the Beast

Rudy Voit is the bell of this ball, as we talk about the animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. Josiah goes modern, Rob goes to Orlando, and Rudy builds up the world. Remakes begin at 42:15.

Follow Rudy on Instagram @rudaydayday!

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Football season is underway, so Geoff Crump rushes in to talk about the Goldie Hawn gridiron romp, Wildcats. Josiah goes pro, Rob makes it up-to-date, and Geoff has a few big changes to propose. Remakes begin at 54:05. 

Follow Geoff on Twitter @gwcrump and listen to music and sketch album (with past guest Nat Topping) at https://crassus.bandcamp.com

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Garrett Kelly will be shooting for his own hand, as we discuss our first animated feature, Brave. Remakes begin at 52:01.

Follow Garrett @gksecrets on Twitter! 

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Big Trouble In Little China

Eric Muller comes in through a secret entrance to talk about the 1986 John Carpenter film, Big Trouble in Little China. Remakes begin at 57:00.

Find Eric on Twitter @ejmuller!

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Independence Day

We welcome podcast cohosts Aaron Amendola and Chris Chapin to Earth (not Earf), as we discuss Independence Day. Remakes begin at 48:50!

If you like Chris and Aaron, find their podcast Panels on Channels wherever you got this! And follow them on Twitter @panel_channel, @ImAaronJ, and @chapoli!

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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Vine star Meg Grunewald stops by to talk about the Chicago classic, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Rob changes the setting, Josiah picks something new to take a day off from, and Meg changes things up with the casting. Remakes start at 49:45.

Find meggrunewald on Vine, and follow her project using #characteradayproject!


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Pretty Woman

Peyton Brown comes in off the streets to talk about the Julia Roberts star-making vehicle, Pretty Woman. Rob goes back to the source, Josiah swaps things up, and Peyton pitches a very gritty remake. Remakes begin at 1:02:38. 

Find Peyton's work online at http://claymoreproductions.com.

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My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Trevor Martin flies in to talk about the shark-throwing rom-com, My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Josiah adds rednecks, Rob pulls a switcheroo, and Trevor resolves a battle of tone. Remakes begin at 55:20. 

Catch Trevor on stage in Chicago before he leaves town or follow him on Twitter @Trevor_Time. 

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Some of Our Favorites

In this special episode we take a look back at some of our favorite remakes from our guests over the past year! We've got remakes for Blackfish, Pacific Rim, White House Down, Rocky, Surf Ninjas, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! Find full episodes on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you found this!

Thanks to all of our guests, including those in this episode: Susie Gutowski, Derek Shipman, Ken Grabowski, Jeff Garceau, Eric Braband, Abi Jenkins, Ross Menzies, and Tyler Samples!

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Ready To Rumble

Get out your Wolf Pack t-shirts, we're talking about the wrestling extravaganza, Ready to Rumble. Rob goes focuses on a new character, Josiah has a proposal, and Brian tears it down. Remakes begin at 50:00. 

Follow Brian @brianhoolahan on Twitter!

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Troop Beverly Hills

Kate Cohen marches in to talk about the Shelley Long film, Troop Beverly Hills. We talk Wilderness Girls, teenaged fashion mistakes, and Craig T. Nelson. Remakes begin at 1:00:30!

Follow Kate @KateCohenTweets on Twitter!

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Can't Hardly Wait

Molly Jones stops by to talk about the teen comedy Can't Hardly Wait! Josiah draws on personal experience, Rob makes it modern, and Molly comes up with a remake that really sings. Remakes begin at 49:20. 

Follow Molly @jonesmolly on Twitter!

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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Austin Campion pod-races in to talk about everyone's least favorite Star Wars, Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Rob has two takes, Josiah goes into a lot of detail, and Austin scales it down. Remakes begin at 48:40, with a Murdoch Minute at the end.

Catch Austin at the PH Comedy Theater and on Twitter @anaustincampion!

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The Thin Man

Mark Colomb and Mel Evans from An Hour With Your Ex stop by to talk about the mystery romp, The Thin Man. Mark and Mel basically are Nick and Nora, but with cats instead of a dog and less drinking. Remakes begin at 49:56.

Follow Mel @mel_evans and Mark @Mark_Cool_Um on Twitter! And find An Hour With Your Ex on iTunes and the web at http://thexhour.podbean.com. 

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It's a Wonderful Life/Sonic the Hedgehog

It's a very special Crossover Episode with the guys from the Nerdologues Podcast, Talking Games! This episode was taped live before a studio audience at the Cards Against Humanity Theater in Chicago, IL. With special thanks to Sweetwater Brewing, which reminds you to drink responsibly. 

In this episode, the guys talk about turning It's a Wonderful Life into a video game and turning Sonic the Hedgehog into a movie!

You can listen to Talking Games at https://www.nerdologues.com/podcasts/talking-games

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It Happened One Night

Erin Thorn drops by the podcast to talk about the screwball classic, It Happened One Night. Josh Segovia fills in as guest host!

Follow Erin @ErinMThorn on Twitter.

Follow Josh on Twitter @JoshSegoviaSux!

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Mask of Zorro

Nicole Vespa swashbuckles onto the podcast to talk about the adventure romp, The Mask of Zorro. With special guest host Clayton Margeson! Clayton ages it up, Rob pitches two curveballs, and Nicole considers the casting. Remakes begin at 54:15. 

See Nicole with Ghost Car at the Playground Theatre and in the Chicago Nerd Festival, and follow her on Twitter @scootergoesbeep.

You can check Clayton out on the Talking Games podcast and find him on Twitter @claytonmargeson.  

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While You Were Sleeping

Bethany Remely takes the rom-com train to Remake-ville, to talk about the 90's classic, While You Were Sleeping. Rob makes it darker, Josiah makes it sad, and Bethany wishes it could be the same (but remakes it anyway). Remakes begin at 56:30. And stay tuned for the Murdoch Minute (with Mike Klasek) at the end! 

Follow Bethany on Twitter at @thebremely!

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Modern Family Season 6

In this very special episode, Kellen Terrett joins the guys to talk about the smash hit sitcom, Modern Family. Rob, Josiah, and Kellen each pitch a very knowledgeable remake for the whole sixth season. Remakes begin at 32:10.

Listen to Kellen on the excellent podcast Talking Games and follow him @drterrett on Twitter! And watch Modern Family Wednesdays on ABC!

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Now You See Me

It's a magical hour when Mike Klasek pops in to talk about Now You See Me. Josiah uses real magic, Rob transports us to the past, and Mike focuses on revenge. Remakes start at 58:30.

We fully endorse Mike's plugs!

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The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

John Chesney joins us to talk about a head trip through imagination-land, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Rob focuses on storytelling, Josiah makes it dark, and John travels to the future with a director from the past. Remakes begin at 43:10.

Follow John on Twitter @John_Chesney!

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Sammy Tamimi from PopFury Podcast drops by to talk about the mystery comedy with multiple endings, Clue. Josiah is inspired by the board game, Rob is inspired by the film, and Sammy is inspired by the Go-Go's. Remakes begin at 47:00.

Follow Sammy @SammyTamimi and PopFury @PopFuryPodcast on Twitter. And check out PopFury at http://popfury.libsyn.com

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White House Down

It's a family affair as the guys are joined by Rob's dad, Ken Grabowski, to talk about the presidential flop, White House Down. Josiah and Rob tweak the movie, then Ken steals the show. Remakes begin at 41:00.

Ken isn't on social media, but you can find his band, the K.E.G. Band online. Hire them for your wedding! http://www.thekegband.org

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Dan Caffrey drops in to talk about the boat-busting classic, Jaws. Rob picks a new director, Josiah picks an old direction, and Dan draws inspiration from the source material. Remakes begin at 46:00.

If you're a shark fan, you can see Dan's play Matawan at the Athenaeum Theatre on June 26th! And read his work on Consequence of Sound and the AV Club.

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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Writer and designer Ben Cannon drops in to talk about the family-shrinking adventure, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Josiah stretches out the timescale, Rob changes the setting, and Ben tears the family apart. Remakes begin at 49:00.

You can read Ben's work on Gaper's Block and the AV Club. And follow him @NotBenCannon on Twitter.

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Demolition Man

Jesse Gomez drops by to regale us with impressions and to talk about the Stallone-Snipes action flick, Demolition Man. Rob remakes it two ways, Josiah plays up a relationship from the original, and Jesse imbues his pitch with pathos. Remakes start at 52:00. 

Check out Jesse Gomez in the One Woman No Show on May 10th at the Annoyance Theatre and follow him on Twitter @JesseGomez1.

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Rookie of the Year

It’s opening week for baseball, and Eric Burgher swings by to talk about the kids baseball classic, Rookie of the Year. Josiah horses around, Rob imagines a rookie through the years, and Eric brings in the pros. Remakes start at 49:00 (and stay tuned for the Murdoch Minute at the end)

Like what you hear? Check out Eric’s podcast Under the Lights!

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The Breakfast Club

This week we're joined by the Nerdette Podcast's Tricia Bobeda to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the John Hughes classic, The Breakfast Club. Josiah and Rob pitch eery (and eerily similar) films, while Tricia mixes up the casting and brings things up-to-date. Remakes begin at 1:01:20.

You can find the Nerdette Podcast on iTunes or at nerdettepodcast.com and follow Tricia @triciabobeda on Twitter!

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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Caitlin Stephan joins the guys to talk about the romantic classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Rob keeps the original setting, Josiah changes it, and Caitlin brings it up to date. Complete with a bonus dramatic reading! Remakes start at 55:30.

And catch Caitlin in Upstairs at the Annoyance!

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This week Rob and Josiah are acting like it's college and so they're on SPRING BREAK! Feel free to look back through our archives and find an episode that's new to you. And thanks for listening!

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The Fifth Element

Podcaster Tim Martens hover taxis over to talk about the sci-fi romp, The Fifth Element. Rob remakes it classic and modern, Josiah makes it dark, and Tim imagines a noir. Ruby rap at 57:00. Remakes at 58:45. 

Follow Tim @timbmartens on Twitter and check out The Custodian Film Critic Podcast on iTunes!

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Morgan Lord stops by to talk about the Indie gem, Frank. Josiah changes the artistic balance, Rob puts more focus on Frank, and Morgan keeps the first two acts and scraps the rest. Remakes begin at 39:35. 

Morgan isn't on Twitter, so hello to her in person!

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The Wizard

Josh Segovia drops by to discuss a Fred Savage movie full of hitchhiking kids and advertisements for the Power Glove, 1989's The Wizard. Josiah and Rob throw out the controllers, while Josh amps up both the video games and the family drama.

Remakes start at 43:35.

Follow Josh @JoshSegoviaSux on Twitter. And check out his work with the very funny Claymore Productions (http://claymoreproductions.com). 

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Oscars Special

We sit down with past guests Mary Beth Smith and Ryan Ben to talk about the 87th Annual Academy Awards! We talk all about them and then say what we would change if we were given the reins. Follow Ryan @ryanjoeben and Mary Beth @TheTokenGinger on Twitter.

And listen to Mary Beth Smith on MBSing, where you can check out episodes with Josiah (on Wednesday), Rob, and Ryan. 

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The Dark Knight Rises

Jon Silver drops by the podcast to talk about Christopher Nolan's, The Dark Knight Rises. Everyone agrees that Tom Hardy is a force of nature, and we introduce a contest that is as real as you make it. Then Rob pitches a series, Josiah pitches a few ideas, and Jon agrees with a few choices before making it his own way. Remakes begin at 53:15. 

Check out Jon and silly blogs on the interwebs at absurdable.com

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Man of Steel

Comic book aficionado and all-around great guy Linus Lee flies onto the podcast to talk about the gritty superhero reboot, Man of Steel. Josiah plays up the Krypton roots, Rob cuts to the chase before getting bizarre, and Linus draws on two of Superman's best super-villains. 

Remakes begin at 55:00. Plus, stay tuned to the last two minutes for a new, semi-regular feature.

And follow Linus on Twitter @TheLinusLee!

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Back to the Future

Chip Aucoin drops by to talk about a movie that 1.21 gigawatts of fun, 1985's Back to the Future. Rob pitches a remake around an unlikely character, Josiah's version is heavy, and Chip imagines a time-travel tale made possible by time travel plus a new entry in the series. Remakes begin at 50:30.

Follow Chip on Twitter @chipcago!

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Jeff Murdoch joins us to talk about the franchise-killer, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The guys pitch their remakes for this truly joyless film before Jeff proposes a surprising new role for an old character. Remakes begin at 50:30.

Follow Jeff @jsmurd on Twitter or follow him on Instagram. 

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League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Extraordinary gentleman Tyler Samples comes on to talk about the career-killing blockbuster, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Josiah pares down the characters, Rob pitches two ideas, and Tyler draws on all the source material. Remakes begin at 1:09:45.

Tyler isn't on Twitter, so find him in real life instead.

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Fried Green Tomatoes

Natalie Kossar joins the guys to talk about the time-hopping tale of alluded-to lesbian romance and cannibalism, Fried Green Tomatoes. Josiah plays up the lesbian romance, Rob fleshes out the flesh-eating, and Natalie proposes a series of revisions. Remakes begin at 51:30.

Follow Natalie on Twitter @nataliekossar.

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