The Wizard

Josh Segovia drops by to discuss a Fred Savage movie full of hitchhiking kids and advertisements for the Power Glove, 1989's The Wizard. Josiah and Rob throw out the controllers, while Josh amps up both the video games and the family drama.

Remakes start at 43:35.

Follow Josh @JoshSegoviaSux on Twitter. And check out his work with the very funny Claymore Productions ( 

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Oscars Special

We sit down with past guests Mary Beth Smith and Ryan Ben to talk about the 87th Annual Academy Awards! We talk all about them and then say what we would change if we were given the reins. Follow Ryan @ryanjoeben and Mary Beth @TheTokenGinger on Twitter.

And listen to Mary Beth Smith on MBSing, where you can check out episodes with Josiah (on Wednesday), Rob, and Ryan. 

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The Dark Knight Rises

Jon Silver drops by the podcast to talk about Christopher Nolan's, The Dark Knight Rises. Everyone agrees that Tom Hardy is a force of nature, and we introduce a contest that is as real as you make it. Then Rob pitches a series, Josiah pitches a few ideas, and Jon agrees with a few choices before making it his own way. Remakes begin at 53:15. 

Check out Jon and silly blogs on the interwebs at

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Man of Steel

Comic book aficionado and all-around great guy Linus Lee flies onto the podcast to talk about the gritty superhero reboot, Man of Steel. Josiah plays up the Krypton roots, Rob cuts to the chase before getting bizarre, and Linus draws on two of Superman's best super-villains. 

Remakes begin at 55:00. Plus, stay tuned to the last two minutes for a new, semi-regular feature.

And follow Linus on Twitter @TheLinusLee!

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Back to the Future

Chip Aucoin drops by to talk about a movie that 1.21 gigawatts of fun, 1985's Back to the Future. Rob pitches a remake around an unlikely character, Josiah's version is heavy, and Chip imagines a time-travel tale made possible by time travel plus a new entry in the series. Remakes begin at 50:30.

Follow Chip on Twitter @chipcago!

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