The Breakfast Club

This week we're joined by the Nerdette Podcast's Tricia Bobeda to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the John Hughes classic, The Breakfast Club. Josiah and Rob pitch eery (and eerily similar) films, while Tricia mixes up the casting and brings things up-to-date. Remakes begin at 1:01:20.

You can find the Nerdette Podcast on iTunes or at and follow Tricia @triciabobeda on Twitter!

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Breakfast at Tiffany's

Caitlin Stephan joins the guys to talk about the romantic classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Rob keeps the original setting, Josiah changes it, and Caitlin brings it up to date. Complete with a bonus dramatic reading! Remakes start at 55:30.

And catch Caitlin in Upstairs at the Annoyance!

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This week Rob and Josiah are acting like it's college and so they're on SPRING BREAK! Feel free to look back through our archives and find an episode that's new to you. And thanks for listening!

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The Fifth Element

Podcaster Tim Martens hover taxis over to talk about the sci-fi romp, The Fifth Element. Rob remakes it classic and modern, Josiah makes it dark, and Tim imagines a noir. Ruby rap at 57:00. Remakes at 58:45. 

Follow Tim @timbmartens on Twitter and check out The Custodian Film Critic Podcast on iTunes!

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Morgan Lord stops by to talk about the Indie gem, Frank. Josiah changes the artistic balance, Rob puts more focus on Frank, and Morgan keeps the first two acts and scraps the rest. Remakes begin at 39:35. 

Morgan isn't on Twitter, so hello to her in person!

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