Beauty and the Beast

Rudy Voit is the bell of this ball, as we talk about the animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. Josiah goes modern, Rob goes to Orlando, and Rudy builds up the world. Remakes begin at 42:15.

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Football season is underway, so Geoff Crump rushes in to talk about the Goldie Hawn gridiron romp, Wildcats. Josiah goes pro, Rob makes it up-to-date, and Geoff has a few big changes to propose. Remakes begin at 54:05. 

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Garrett Kelly will be shooting for his own hand, as we discuss our first animated feature, Brave. Remakes begin at 52:01.

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Big Trouble In Little China

Eric Muller comes in through a secret entrance to talk about the 1986 John Carpenter film, Big Trouble in Little China. Remakes begin at 57:00.

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Independence Day

We welcome podcast cohosts Aaron Amendola and Chris Chapin to Earth (not Earf), as we discuss Independence Day. Remakes begin at 48:50!

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