The Truman Show

David Winkler comes into our life-sized studio to talk about The Truman Show. Josiah and Rob pitch their remakes, then David talks about a version that may be 100% true to life. Remakes begin at 1:00:00! 

David is a great guy, so find him in real life!

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The Karate Kid

JP Thomas crane kicks his way onto the podcast to talk about the classic 80's movie, Karate Kid. 

Watch JP on stage in Chicago, including in Angina Pectoris at Theater Wit. And follow JP on Twitter @thejpthomas!

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Dirty Dancing

Cameron and Lindsay Goldapp get out of the corner and join us to talk about Dirty Dancing. Josiah ages things up, Rob has a brand-new concept, Cameron makes it modern, and Lindsay goes back in time. Remakes begin at 55:45.  

Follow Cameron on Twitter at @camgold and watch Lindsay and Cameron live at the Dallas Comedy House!

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