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Wolf of Wall Street

In the third to last episode, Rob welcomes back Andy Dierker and welcomes first time guest Dan MacAvoy. After doing a bunch of coke, tricking the wealthy out of their money, and just being terrible to everyone, the trio chats about the Martin Scorsese/ Leonardo DiCaprio love fest WOLF OF WALL STREET.

Remakes begin at 46:30: Andy takes the title literally; Rob pitches the college years; and Dan kicks up the weirdness and grotesques-ness.

Find Dan at next year’s Chriskindlmarkt and check out The Late 90s Wednesdays, 10:30pm at iO Chicago.

And as always, leave Andy alone.

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Event Horizon

This week, Rob is joined by Portland’s Favorite Brother Sister acting duo Julie and Neal Starbird to talk about one of the worst horror space movies ever: EVENT HORIZON. What a piece of crap.

Remakes begin at 43:30mins: Neal brings in a better director and Ron Perlman; Rob brings in some meddling kids; and Julie does her best to polish a turd.

Follow Julie on twitter @ juliestarbee and listen to her podcast (along with friend of the podcast Allison Shoemaker)  Podlander Drunkcast: an Outlander Podcast.

And if you find Neal’s cave, you win a prize!

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The Last Starfighter

After years of playing a video game, Rob finally got recruit by some space aliens to help defend the galaxy. Luckily special guest David Dritsas and Keith Whipple were there to help along the way. Also, the trio talk about the movie that introduced CGI to the world THE LAST STARFIGHTER.

Remakes begin at 58mins: Rob uses another video game; David camps it up; and Keith goes contemporary.

See David in The Seven Year Itch at the Skokie Theatre in February.

See Keith over at at ComedySportz and if you have a play/piece/song/anything that has to do with the mental health field submit to the Create Arts Therapy. Find more information at

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Field of Dreams

Rob and James heard a voice in the corn field that said 'If you set up microphones, Sean will come." They did, and special guest Sean Sullivan arrived to talk about the Costner hit FIELD OF DREAMS.

Remakes begin @ 58mins: Dugan switches the scandal and who hears what ; Rob brings in the Detroit Red Wings; And Sean lets some players have one last game.

Follow Sean on twitter @ ForYouKevin; You can also see some of his work in The Onion. Play the home game and try and guess which articles are his.

And PLEASE, someone tweet a picture at Dugan.

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Richie Rich

Rob and James open the Rich family vault and let special guest Liz Anderson pick whatever she wants. Also we talk about the Macaulay Culkin movie RICHIE RICH.

Remakes begin @ 49mins: Rob pitches a sequel of sorts; Dugan gives it a marvel spin; and Liz brings in Scorsese.

Follow Liz on twitter @ liesanderson; See Liz live with ComedySportz and Baby Wants Candy and go see The Ghosttrakkers Ruin Christmas on Dec 9th @ the Bughouse Theater, 10pm.

And please, someone tweet at Dugan.

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The Big Chill

Rob and James are joined by Jamison Webb to talk about shirts, Babe DVDs, how Kevin Kline should've played the candle stick in the new Beauty and the Beast movie, Pirates of Penzance and the Lawrence Kasdan film THE BIG CHILL

Remakes begin @ 1hr 4mins: it's a hard movie to remake. We all just pitched new casts

Follow Jamison on twitter @ jamisonwebb and check him out in The Second City’s 105th Mainstage Revue

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Teen Wolf

To borrow a term from another podcast, it's a Solo-Bolo Two-Duo on Remake this week: Rob sits down with Kevin Lambert to chat about the Michael J Fox film TEEN WOLF

Remakes begin @ 47mins: Rob pumps up the scares and Kevin pitches three, yes three, remakes.

Follow Kevin on twitter @ notnotkevinl and see Kevin live on stage with Waltzing Mechanics El Stories: Holiday Train edition. 

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Grab your skis, shark repellant, and Sea World Day pass causes Rob, James, and special guest Steven Tobiasz as we chat about the unnecessary sequel JAWS 3D

REMAKES begin @ 58:30: James throws in some animation; Rob borrows from a film about dinosaurs; and Steven starts breeding sharks.

Follow Steven on twitter @ steventobiaz and see him live on stage with the Harold Team Cadaver at iO Chicago.

Follow Dugan on twitter @ DuganItRight and, as always, see Lil Tooties, a Harold Team, also at iO Chicago.

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The Dirty Dozen

The great Scott Goldstein drops in to turn Rob and James from the army's worst convicts to a rag tag crew of commandos. And also to talk about the Lee Marvin / Charles Bronson epic THE DIRTY DOZEN

Remakes begins at 51:50: Rob uses too many comedic actors; Dugan pitches it for HBO; and Scott brings in some A-Listers.

Sports talk begins at 1hr 12min.

Follow Scott on twitter @ Goldyhawks and check out Flat iron Comedy at the Flat Iron Building in Wicker before it goes away in January. For show information visit or find them on facebook

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Reservoir Dogs

It's a family affair on Remake this week as Rob and James welcome new guest Rob's Uncle Greg and Aunt Betsy, Bob Singer and returning guest Rob's Dad Ken! Also, they discuss the Quentin Tarantino classic RESERVOIR DOGS.

Remakes begin @ 29mins: Rob uses the cast of a TV show; Dugan brings in some old friends; Aunt Betsy updates the cast; Uncle Greg makes it educational; and my Dad shortens it and changes the hero.

If you’re in the Metro-Detroit area, check out the K.E.G. Band featuring Ken Grabowski and Greg Adamus.

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After a relaxing weekend, special guest Alex Manich is awoken from his hyper sleep too early by Rob and James to discuss the space horror film ALIEN.

Remakes begin at 45mins: Rob switches the alien; Dugan makes a new rag tag crew; and Alex brings in John Cena.

Follow Alex on twitter @ OvershareAlex; see him live on stage with the Harold team Gideon at iO Chicago; and visit for more enjoyment. 

Follow James on twitter @ DuganItRight and go see TONE every Wednesday @ 8pm at iO Chicago. 

And please, go see the Harold team Lil Tooties



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The Bodyguard

Rob and James do their best to protect special guest Kelly McGuigan from her crazed stalker as they discuss the romantic thriller THE BODYGUARD. Warning: We only sing that song ONCE.

Remakes begin @ 55mins: Rob pairs up a tall person and a short person; James had to fight to not make it a musical; and Kelly brings in Kevin Costner’s son.

Go see James in TONE every Wednesday at 8pm at iO Chicago (it’s free) and Kelly has nothing to plug because she’s good at being a real person.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

On this week’s episode, Rob welcomes new co-host (for a few) James Dugan and special guest Marie Maloney to chat about the Jason Segal break up/rom-com FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL.

Remakes begin at 47mins: Rob pulls an idea out of thin air; James pitches a ukulele musical; and Marie makes some tweaks in the plot and brings in Pitbull.

Follow Marie on twitter @ marie_maloney.

Follow James on twitter @ DuganItRight and see him live on stage with TONE (every Wednesday @ 8pm)  and sporadically with his Harold Team Lil' Tooties all at iO Chicago.

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Andy Dierker and Shawn Bowers return to Remake to take on the craziest of sequels Gremlins 2: The New Batch. And just like the film, we're all over the place in this episode.

Remakes begin around 30ish mins (I think): Andy gets a ragtag crew for a heist; Rob updates and adds kids; and Shawn makes a 4th rule.

Follow Shawn Bowers on instagram @ shawnbowers to view his pokemon/Garfield mash ups. And, please, leave Andy Dierker alone.

Also a shout to Buck Lepard. Follow him on twitter @ BuckLePard

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Some of Our Favorites, part 2

In this special episode we look back at some Remakes over the past year. We've got remakes from Big Trouble in Little China, Groundhog Day, Con Air, Raggedy Ann and Andy, Titanic, Sex and the City: The Movie, The Princess Bride, and Switch.

A huge thanks to all our guests, including those in this episode: Eric Muller, Jonny Nelson, Nick Mikula, AJ Miller, Sarah Shockey, Adam Schreck, Cynthia Bangert, Shawn Bowers, Rachel Brownjohn, Jason Stockdale, Kelly Keegan, Bri Fitzpatrick, Susan Glynn, and that rat fink Josiah Jenkins. 

(special thanks to Mike Kelly for image). 

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Fall/Winter Movie Preview!

Due to a scheduling error, we didn't have a movie to remake this week. So Rob invited friends of the podcast Tim Dunn and Lisa Burton on to discuss 10 upcoming movies for the Fall/Winter of 2016:

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Blair Witch

The Magnificent Seven

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (aka Lil’ X-Men)

Deepwater Horizon

BOO: A Madea Halloween

Doctor Strange

Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them

Assassin's Creed

Rogue One: A Star Wars Movie.

Plus we talk about our love of Gene Wilder.

Follow Tim on twitter @ TimothyRDunn, Watch Board Life, and Listen to Talking Games and 15 minutes with Lincoln

Follow Lisa on twitter @ Lisaburton, Listen to ScareBlast Podcast in October and keep an eye out for Probe Podcast; See Lisa live on stage in Baby Wants Candy, Musical Armando, and several other things.

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Suicide Squad

Well. It had to happen so what not sooner then later. Rob is joined by old friend of the podcast Kellen Terrett and new friend of the podcast Brandon Shockney to discuss the mess that is Suicide Squad.

Remakes begin at 28mins: Kellen takes it very seriously; Rob wings it; and Brandon pitches a heist movie.

Follow Kellen on twitter @ Drterrett and listen to his other podcasts Riding in Cars with Nerds and Talking Games

Follow Brandon on twitter @ Beeshock and listen to his podcast How Rude: the Full House podcast and see him live on stage every Thursday at 8:30 with Shrink Ray'd at iO Chicago

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

It finally happened. Robert Bacon is on this podcast. Sorry everybody. But he did pick a great movie to reminisce about. The movie that propelled Jim Carrey to stardom. The movie that made every 8th grader in 1994 hilarious: ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE.

Remakes begin at 47mins: Laura cranks up the 007 Style; Rob sets it in 1985 with a new cast; and Bacon incorporates the Chicago Bears for Ace Ventura 3.

Follow Bacon on twitter @ tastethebacon, listen to his podcast TRY THIS PODCAST and see him live on stage with the duo Poster Boys.

And see Laura and Rob live on stage in CLUED IN: An Improvised Murder Mystery, Saturdays @ 9pm in the Second City Beat Lounge.

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100th Episode! Street Fighter!

100 Episode! Holy Cow! We did it. We made it to 100 episodes. 

The very first remake was Super Mario Bros, so we figured for the 100th we do another failed video game adaptation: STREET FIGHTER.

This was recorded back in May featuring Josiah Jenkins, Josh Segovia, Geoff Crump, Morgan Lord, Peyton Brown, James Dugan, Kelly McGuigan, Jon Silver and a special Murdoch Minute with Jeff Murdoch. 

A big thanks to all our past guests and a special bigger thanks to all the listeners. We truly appreciate it. Enjoy!

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The Witches

Finally, Lisa Burton is on Remake! And she chose, with some help from co-host Laura Marsh, the forgotten Jim Henson film THE WITCHES.

Remakes begin @ 46:30mins: Rob adds more mice and adventure; Laura focuses on the paintings; And Lisa pitches a great horror movie. And we all agree that there should be more witch-hunting Grandma!

Check out Lisa on twitter @ lisaburton and see her live on stage in Tribulation: The Musical in The Chicago Musical Theatre Festival (more info at  And keep an eye out for Scareblast Podcast in October.

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Plan 9 from Outer Space

After 8 failed plans, Rob only had one plan left: PLAN 9! Which means Laura Marsh is his new co-host (for a few) and CJ Tuor choose the Ed Wood "movie" PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE

Remakes begin @ 30mins: Laura adds some glitter and bath bombs; Rob adds some flash and documentary style; and CJ pitches a loving tribute that will finally make Ed Wood stop spinning in his grave.

You can see CJ on the high sea with The Second City on the Norwegian Cruise Line. However, while he’s away check out Hitch*Cocktails Fridays @ 10pm at The Annoyance; Clued In Saturdays @ 9pm at Second City’s Beat Lounge; And look out for Curse of the Goat at MCL in the fall!

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Mystery Men

Rob welcomes back returning guest Motz and returning co-host AJ Miller to chat about the strangely good underdog superhero comedy MYSTERY MEN.

Remakes begin @ 48mins: Rob adds some sides to his full course; AJ wants to see how Campion city became the way it is; and Motz has two pitches and a brand new cast!

Follow Motz on twitter @ jjustmotz and see him live at the Minneapolis Fringe Fest in The Jackpot Hour without Jack Power

Follow AJ on instagram @ arthurmillerjr and see him live this Tuesday and Wednesday (july 26th-27th) at Stage 773 in Hobo Robo 9: HOBO'S HEROES by Hobo Junction

Also, visit SHOWPUP

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Space Jam

Rob got challenged by a bunch of space aliens to a game of basketball. So he had to call on two ringers: special co-host Collin Dahlgren and special guest Sean Cooley!

Remakes begin @ 37mins: Rob kinda half-asses it; Collin takes it for a dark spin; and Sean pitches an epic re-telling of Space Jam and Space Jam 2. And friend of the podcast John Chesney makes a cameo!

Follow Collin on twitter @ Collinoscopy and see him live at the Annoynace theatre on Tuesdays with Beauty is in the Eye of the Beeholder

Follow Sean on twitter @ seancooley and see his final show with DENVER on Wednesday, July 27th @ 8:30pm at iO and check out his work on The Thrillist

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PS I Love You

Rob is joined by cute couple Dean and Grace Gibbs to talk about the desperately wants to be cute movie PS I LOVE YOU

Remakes begin @ 44:45mins: Dean takes a page from the Parent Trap; Rob makes Holly crazy; and Grace says just read the book.

Follow Dean on twitter @ theamericandean and follow Grace on instagram @ intrepidgrace. Also, enjoy the summer!

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Rob is joined by his old pals Chris Chapin and Craig Bathurst to talk about comics, The Flash, books, and various other things........and Batman Vs Superman.

Remakes begin at 44mins: Chapin gives control to a TV director; Rob cuts it down and demands a friendship; and Craig nerds out and pitches a much better movie.

Follow Chapin on twitter @ chapoli and check out his podcast Panels on Channels.

And Craig says to watch THE FLASH on the CW. 

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Now You See Me 2

Hosts Mike Klasek and Marty Schousboe take you down the rabbit hole that is NOW YOU SEE ME 2. Hold on to your hats because they go full radio lab in this episode.

Segment 1: Marybess Pritchett, Heather Harrison, Sarah Nagy, Erin Couglin, Shannon Leigh Mann, Phil Meister, and Josh Henderson-Cox

Segment 2: Gary Richardson and Steph Cook

Segment 3: Josh Henderson-Cox and Lee Benzaquin

If you live in Chicago check out the CHICAGO MAGIC LOUNGE. If you live in New York visit THE ANNOYANCE THEATRE.

Follow Mike on twitter @ emklasek and check out Marty here

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Know podcasters Rob and Bri switch places with know comedian Susan Glynn to talk about the mess that's the Ellen Barkin movie SWITCH.

Remakes begin @ 48mins: Bri gets stumped but finds inspiration from a duck; Rob takes out the attractiveness; and Susan casts herself.

See Bri live everywhere: ComedySportz, BUNK 7 @ iO Chicago; the improvised rock opera Anarchy; Baby Wants Candy; and others! Find more info at

Follow Susan on twitter @ Sue_the_Shrimp and see her live at the Annoyance with SHEBEAST and Trigger Happy; and at iO Chicago with her Harold team Crab Atlanta


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Jerry Maguire

Rob and Bri learn some catchphrases, find out their kwan and discover that the world is cynical as MJ Price takes them through the Tom Cruise classic JERRY MAGUIRE.

Remakes begin @ 47:30: Rob tries to inception Tom Cruise; Bri uses the cast of a different movie; and MJ gives control to Darren Aronofsky.

See MJ live on stage at Comedysportz, with her iO Harold Team GIDEON, and with her HouseCo and the director's program at Second City.

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Dirty Work

Rob is joined by Tim De la Motte and Andy Dierker and we work out...I mean talk about the Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange film DIRTY WORK. Then we all get horses, move up to the mountains and stop bother people. 

Remakes begin @ 40mins 30sec

Rob gets rid of all the comedy; Tim is inspired by Shanghai Knights; and Andy sets it in a time where offensive jokes are okay.

Follow Tim on Instagram @ timdelamotte and go have lunch with Andy!


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The Flight of Dragons

Josiah is back for an episode!!! We invited the great Padraic Connelly on to talk about the horrible animated movie THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS

Remakes begin @ 51mins

Josiah plays up the science and magic; Rob pulls a poor man's Fight Club; and Pad is inspired by the Wizard of Oz!

Follow Pad on twitter @ PadConnelly and check out his podcast OUR FATHER. Also see Pad live on stage at Comedy Sportz and Whirled News Tonight at iO Chicago.

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Rob and Bri groomed their mustaches and welcomed new huckleberry special guest Katie Tyner to sit on spell about TOMBSTONE

Remakes being @ 1hr: Bri is inspired by #squadgoals; Rob gets lost in his remake; and Katie has a few ideas (she took notes!)

Check out Bri on Fridays at Hitch Cocktails at the annoyance OR Baby Wants Candy at the Apollo.

Check out Katie Tyner at iO Chicago on the harold team Bunk 7 and go see In Stitches at the Crowd Theatre to support Humor 4 Hope. Also follow her on twitter @ katiemtyner

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Cruel Intentions

Rob is joined by new co-host Bri Fitzpatrick along with special guest Alex Garday to discuss the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie CRUEL INTENTIONS.

Remakes begin at 1hr 9mins: Rob gives it a Sofia Coppola spin; Bri changes the location; and Alex gets inspired by Tennessee Williams.

Check out Alex at Comedy Sportz Chicago and at VAMP Fridays and Saturdays at MCL. Also, check out both Alex and Bri in the director's program shows in July!

And follow him on twitter @ agarday

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The Princess Bride

We had such fun storming the castle we had to talk about it. Special guests Jason Stockdale and Kelly Keegan join Rob on a quest to chat about THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

Remakes begin at 45mins: Rob pitches a pirate prequel; Kelly introduces a brand new cast; and Jason has TWO remakes!

Visit Kelly at The Art Institute of Chicago; And check out Jason at Comedy Sportz ChicagoHitch Cocktails Fridays at 10pm at the Annoyance, and Clued In Saturdays at 9pm at The Beat Lounge, Second City.


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Mrs Doubtfire

Rob is joined by Max Ganet and Caitlin Boylan to discuss the Robin Williams classic MRS. DOUBTFIRE

Remakes begin at 37:30: Caitlin's remake teaches some lessons; Rob gives it a horror twist; and Max adds multiple Robin Williams. Also, Max does a great job of connecting ALL of Robin William's movies.

Check out Max and Caitlin in Damn, Gina! and Devil's Daughter at iO Chicago. 

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This week, Rob is joined by returning guest Nathan Jensen and special guest Nick Semar to discuss the Cary Grant / Audrey Hepburn classic CHARADE

Remakes begin at 36mins: Rob gets uncreative; Nathan uses the powers of Eddie Murphy and an 80s classic; And Nick get inspired by Steven Soderbergh. 

Follow Nathan on twitter @ nathanjansen and check him out at iO chicago on Juneboy

Follow Nick on twitter @ NickSemar and check him out (along with Nathan) at Baby Wants Candy and Comedy Sportz Chicago

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Sex and the City

Grab your cosmos and your new pair of Jimmy Choos cause we're talking about SEX AND THE CITY THE MOVIE. Rob is joined by special guests Shawn Bowers and Rachel Brownjohn.

Remakes begin at 52mins: Rachel adds more realistic stakes; Rob does a cast swap; and Shawn wants to go big and above.

You can follow Rachel on instagram @ rbjingles / follow Shawn on instagram and twitter @ shawnbowers and check out his tumblr

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Close your eyes and heighten your senses because this movie is awful. Sean and Yvette Jaskiewicz drop by using their sonar powers to discuss the Ben Affleck superhero movie DAREDEVIL.

Remakes begin around 51mins: Sean gives the movie a WWE smackdown; Rob goes literal with the title; and Yvette gender swaps.

Follow Sean on twitter @ MrJasko and check out his youtube series Better Off Dead.

Follow Yvette on twitter @ MrsJasko and check her out at ComedySportz and the Chicago Women's Funny Festival. 

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THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!!!!! Except this episode when there are three! Rob is joined by special guest Tom McGuane and Megan Smith-McGuane to discuss the Clancy Brown Classic HIGHLANDER

Remakes begin at 54mins: Tom pitches an unimaginative remake; Rob has three ideas; and Megan has a vision for this film.

Follow Megan on twitter @ SideshowMegan and check out her theatre company Sideshow Theatre

Follow Tom on twitter @ tommcguane and check out Third Wheel Saturdays in April at the Playground.

And follow Remake on twitter @ remakepodcast and find us on facebook!

Direct download: Highlander.mp3
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The One I Love

Colin Espinales and Katie Jones-Espinales join Rob II in the guest house to discuss the psychological thriller THE ONE I LOVE. (I apologize for the sound of my voice, i was fighting a cold at the time).

Remakes begin at 47mins: Colin changes the cast, soundtrack, and ending; Rob gives it a Michael Bay style spin; Katie pitches Meet the Parents 4; and we all agree that there should be more Ted Danson.

Follow Colin on twitter @ colinblake9, look out for the Hitmen Podcast, and make Katie do something.

Direct download: The_One_I_Love.mp3
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Rob, Adam, and special guest Cynthia Bangert sail away on a 3hour plus tour to talk about the overrated TITANIC. 

Remakes begin at 55mins: Adam gives it a superhero spin; Rob is inspired by Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker; and Cynthia makes a docu-mini-series. Plus we finally learn who kidnapped Josiah!

You can catch Cynthia in Hitch Cocktails Fridays at 10pm at the Annoyance and in Clued In eventually somewhere. Also find her on twitter. For real, find her! She's lost!

Direct download: Titanic.mp3
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Ben Harpe joins Adam and Rob to discuss the Pixar classic WALL-E.

Remakes begin around 52mins: Rob pitches a sequel; Adam dives deep into Hello, Dolly; and Ben gives it a Live Action / Political spin.

Follow Ben on twitter @ Ben_Harpe and checkout DEATH OF THE COOL at iO Chicago

Direct download: Wall-E.mp3
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Rob and Adam are invited to the super secret Kumite by special guest Adam Soule to discuss the Jean-Claude Van Damme film BLOODSPORT. Warning: before the remakes, there’s some truth bombs.

Remakes begin @ 1 Hour 3mins: Schreck throws a karate kid style spin on it; Rob pitches a melee (ala Super Smash Bros); Soule makes it a documentary about the real Frank Dux

You can find Adam Soule in the Grand Canyon for a month and check him out in the Fall in Poor Theatre’s “Dirt”.

Direct download: Bloodsport.mp3
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Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure

New Month, New Co-Host! Adam Schreck joins Rob for a couple episodes. We kick off with special guest Sarah Shockey who picked the animated movie "Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure."

Remakes begin around 50mins: Schreck takes away the songs and adds a real element; Rob takes away the songs and makes it a made for TV Movie; Sarah takes away the songs and makes it a more positive film.

You can follow Sarah on twitter @ Sarahjoyshockey 


Direct download: Raggedy_Ann__Andy.mp3
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The 2016 Academy Awards

SPECIAL EPISODE! Adam Schreck, Ryan Ben, and Eric Braband joined Rob to watch the 2016 Oscars. Then we did a podcast! It was several hours of hanging and being idiots. 


Follow Eric and Ryan on twitter at @ EricBraband and @Ryanjoeben.

Follow Adam in real life. 

Direct download: Oscars_2016.mp3
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Rob sits down with special co-host Randall Colburn and special guest Jeremy Motz, as they take a trip down memory lane talking about the lost Christopher Walken movie “MCBAIN.”

Remakes begin around 45mins: Randall pitches an old remake, Rob brings Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in, and Motz finally gets to have his Opus.

Check out Randall’s writing on AV Club and Consequence of Sound. Follow him on twitter @ randallcolburn

Check out Motz up in Minneapolis, his podcast “Get To The Podcast” and follow him on twitter @ justmotz

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Con Air

Drop the bunny and turn up that Lynard Skynyrd. AJ and Rob are joined by special guest Nick Mikula to discuss the Nicolas Cage "classic" Con Air.

After making our way through the "plot", Rob pitches a take with Super Villains, AJ sets the movie on Mars, and Nick goes with a $5 budget (remakes begin around 48mins).

Nick has nothing to plug. #lostupdates

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Pop quiz, hot shot: You gotta remake a movie without going under 50miles per hour. What do ya do? You give a listen to this episode as AJ and Rob discuss the Keanu/Sandra action film SPEED with special guest Allison Shoemaker. Remakes begin at 56:35mins where AJ has a medical twist, Rob has an uber driven plot, Josiah makes a cameo(?!?!?!), and Allison pitches a spiritual sequel. 

Follow Allison on twitter @ Allisonshoe, checkout her written work for Consequence of Sounds and AV Club, plus see her live in "You're Being Ridiculous" Feb 20th, 27th, and March 5th

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The Rocketeer

Strap on the jet pack and head back to the 1930s as we discuss the forgotten super hero film THE ROCKETEER with special guest Chris Pagnozzi. The remakes begin at 57mins, where Rob adds a Marvel Twist, AJ gets inspired by Alan Moore, and Chris switches up leads. 

Make sure to follow Chris on twitter at @Chrispagnozzi 

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Mystic Pizza

It's 2016! New year, new hosts, new mics, same old problems. It's episode 70 and we're discussing the 80s rom-com MYSTIC PIZZA with special guest Becca Taubel. Our remakes begin at 53mins, where Rob pitches a wish granting pizza, guest co-host AJ Miller gives a Game of Throne Twist, and Becca makes a southern sequel.


You can follow Becca on twitter @ Btaubs. 

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