The 2016 Academy Awards

SPECIAL EPISODE! Adam Schreck, Ryan Ben, and Eric Braband joined Rob to watch the 2016 Oscars. Then we did a podcast! It was several hours of hanging and being idiots. 


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Rob sits down with special co-host Randall Colburn and special guest Jeremy Motz, as they take a trip down memory lane talking about the lost Christopher Walken movie “MCBAIN.”

Remakes begin around 45mins: Randall pitches an old remake, Rob brings Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in, and Motz finally gets to have his Opus.

Check out Randall’s writing on AV Club and Consequence of Sound. Follow him on twitter @ randallcolburn

Check out Motz up in Minneapolis, his podcast “Get To The Podcast” and follow him on twitter @ justmotz

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Con Air

Drop the bunny and turn up that Lynard Skynyrd. AJ and Rob are joined by special guest Nick Mikula to discuss the Nicolas Cage "classic" Con Air.

After making our way through the "plot", Rob pitches a take with Super Villains, AJ sets the movie on Mars, and Nick goes with a $5 budget (remakes begin around 48mins).

Nick has nothing to plug. #lostupdates

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Pop quiz, hot shot: You gotta remake a movie without going under 50miles per hour. What do ya do? You give a listen to this episode as AJ and Rob discuss the Keanu/Sandra action film SPEED with special guest Allison Shoemaker. Remakes begin at 56:35mins where AJ has a medical twist, Rob has an uber driven plot, Josiah makes a cameo(?!?!?!), and Allison pitches a spiritual sequel. 

Follow Allison on twitter @ Allisonshoe, checkout her written work for Consequence of Sounds and AV Club, plus see her live in "You're Being Ridiculous" Feb 20th, 27th, and March 5th

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