Suicide Squad

Well. It had to happen so what not sooner then later. Rob is joined by old friend of the podcast Kellen Terrett and new friend of the podcast Brandon Shockney to discuss the mess that is Suicide Squad.

Remakes begin at 28mins: Kellen takes it very seriously; Rob wings it; and Brandon pitches a heist movie.

Follow Kellen on twitter @ Drterrett and listen to his other podcasts Riding in Cars with Nerds and Talking Games

Follow Brandon on twitter @ Beeshock and listen to his podcast How Rude: the Full House podcast and see him live on stage every Thursday at 8:30 with Shrink Ray'd at iO Chicago

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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

It finally happened. Robert Bacon is on this podcast. Sorry everybody. But he did pick a great movie to reminisce about. The movie that propelled Jim Carrey to stardom. The movie that made every 8th grader in 1994 hilarious: ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE.

Remakes begin at 47mins: Laura cranks up the 007 Style; Rob sets it in 1985 with a new cast; and Bacon incorporates the Chicago Bears for Ace Ventura 3.

Follow Bacon on twitter @ tastethebacon, listen to his podcast TRY THIS PODCAST and see him live on stage with the duo Poster Boys.

And see Laura and Rob live on stage in CLUED IN: An Improvised Murder Mystery, Saturdays @ 9pm in the Second City Beat Lounge.

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100th Episode! Street Fighter!

100 Episode! Holy Cow! We did it. We made it to 100 episodes. 

The very first remake was Super Mario Bros, so we figured for the 100th we do another failed video game adaptation: STREET FIGHTER.

This was recorded back in May featuring Josiah Jenkins, Josh Segovia, Geoff Crump, Morgan Lord, Peyton Brown, James Dugan, Kelly McGuigan, Jon Silver and a special Murdoch Minute with Jeff Murdoch. 

A big thanks to all our past guests and a special bigger thanks to all the listeners. We truly appreciate it. Enjoy!

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The Witches

Finally, Lisa Burton is on Remake! And she chose, with some help from co-host Laura Marsh, the forgotten Jim Henson film THE WITCHES.

Remakes begin @ 46:30mins: Rob adds more mice and adventure; Laura focuses on the paintings; And Lisa pitches a great horror movie. And we all agree that there should be more witch-hunting Grandma!

Check out Lisa on twitter @ lisaburton and see her live on stage in Tribulation: The Musical in The Chicago Musical Theatre Festival (more info at  And keep an eye out for Scareblast Podcast in October.

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Plan 9 from Outer Space

After 8 failed plans, Rob only had one plan left: PLAN 9! Which means Laura Marsh is his new co-host (for a few) and CJ Tuor choose the Ed Wood "movie" PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE

Remakes begin @ 30mins: Laura adds some glitter and bath bombs; Rob adds some flash and documentary style; and CJ pitches a loving tribute that will finally make Ed Wood stop spinning in his grave.

You can see CJ on the high sea with The Second City on the Norwegian Cruise Line. However, while he’s away check out Hitch*Cocktails Fridays @ 10pm at The Annoyance; Clued In Saturdays @ 9pm at Second City’s Beat Lounge; And look out for Curse of the Goat at MCL in the fall!

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