Dan Caffrey drops in to talk about the boat-busting classic, Jaws. Rob picks a new director, Josiah picks an old direction, and Dan draws inspiration from the source material. Remakes begin at 46:00.

If you're a shark fan, you can see Dan's play Matawan at the Athenaeum Theatre on June 26th! And read his work on Consequence of Sound and the AV Club.

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Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Writer and designer Ben Cannon drops in to talk about the family-shrinking adventure, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Josiah stretches out the timescale, Rob changes the setting, and Ben tears the family apart. Remakes begin at 49:00.

You can read Ben's work on Gaper's Block and the AV Club. And follow him @NotBenCannon on Twitter.

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Demolition Man

Jesse Gomez drops by to regale us with impressions and to talk about the Stallone-Snipes action flick, Demolition Man. Rob remakes it two ways, Josiah plays up a relationship from the original, and Jesse imbues his pitch with pathos. Remakes start at 52:00. 

Check out Jesse Gomez in the One Woman No Show on May 10th at the Annoyance Theatre and follow him on Twitter @JesseGomez1.

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Rookie of the Year

It’s opening week for baseball, and Eric Burgher swings by to talk about the kids baseball classic, Rookie of the Year. Josiah horses around, Rob imagines a rookie through the years, and Eric brings in the pros. Remakes start at 49:00 (and stay tuned for the Murdoch Minute at the end)

Like what you hear? Check out Eric’s podcast Under the Lights!

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