The One I Love

Colin Espinales and Katie Jones-Espinales join Rob II in the guest house to discuss the psychological thriller THE ONE I LOVE. (I apologize for the sound of my voice, i was fighting a cold at the time).

Remakes begin at 47mins: Colin changes the cast, soundtrack, and ending; Rob gives it a Michael Bay style spin; Katie pitches Meet the Parents 4; and we all agree that there should be more Ted Danson.

Follow Colin on twitter @ colinblake9, look out for the Hitmen Podcast, and make Katie do something.

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Rob, Adam, and special guest Cynthia Bangert sail away on a 3hour plus tour to talk about the overrated TITANIC. 

Remakes begin at 55mins: Adam gives it a superhero spin; Rob is inspired by Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker; and Cynthia makes a docu-mini-series. Plus we finally learn who kidnapped Josiah!

You can catch Cynthia in Hitch Cocktails Fridays at 10pm at the Annoyance and in Clued In eventually somewhere. Also find her on twitter. For real, find her! She's lost!

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Ben Harpe joins Adam and Rob to discuss the Pixar classic WALL-E.

Remakes begin around 52mins: Rob pitches a sequel; Adam dives deep into Hello, Dolly; and Ben gives it a Live Action / Political spin.

Follow Ben on twitter @ Ben_Harpe and checkout DEATH OF THE COOL at iO Chicago

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Rob and Adam are invited to the super secret Kumite by special guest Adam Soule to discuss the Jean-Claude Van Damme film BLOODSPORT. Warning: before the remakes, there’s some truth bombs.

Remakes begin @ 1 Hour 3mins: Schreck throws a karate kid style spin on it; Rob pitches a melee (ala Super Smash Bros); Soule makes it a documentary about the real Frank Dux

You can find Adam Soule in the Grand Canyon for a month and check him out in the Fall in Poor Theatre’s “Dirt”.

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Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure

New Month, New Co-Host! Adam Schreck joins Rob for a couple episodes. We kick off with special guest Sarah Shockey who picked the animated movie "Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure."

Remakes begin around 50mins: Schreck takes away the songs and adds a real element; Rob takes away the songs and makes it a made for TV Movie; Sarah takes away the songs and makes it a more positive film.

You can follow Sarah on twitter @ Sarahjoyshockey 


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