Richie Rich

Rob and James open the Rich family vault and let special guest Liz Anderson pick whatever she wants. Also we talk about the Macaulay Culkin movie RICHIE RICH.

Remakes begin @ 49mins: Rob pitches a sequel of sorts; Dugan gives it a marvel spin; and Liz brings in Scorsese.

Follow Liz on twitter @ liesanderson; See Liz live with ComedySportz and Baby Wants Candy and go see The Ghosttrakkers Ruin Christmas on Dec 9th @ the Bughouse Theater, 10pm.

And please, someone tweet at Dugan.

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The Big Chill

Rob and James are joined by Jamison Webb to talk about shirts, Babe DVDs, how Kevin Kline should've played the candle stick in the new Beauty and the Beast movie, Pirates of Penzance and the Lawrence Kasdan film THE BIG CHILL

Remakes begin @ 1hr 4mins: it's a hard movie to remake. We all just pitched new casts

Follow Jamison on twitter @ jamisonwebb and check him out in The Second City’s 105th Mainstage Revue

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Teen Wolf

To borrow a term from another podcast, it's a Solo-Bolo Two-Duo on Remake this week: Rob sits down with Kevin Lambert to chat about the Michael J Fox film TEEN WOLF

Remakes begin @ 47mins: Rob pumps up the scares and Kevin pitches three, yes three, remakes.

Follow Kevin on twitter @ notnotkevinl and see Kevin live on stage with Waltzing Mechanics El Stories: Holiday Train edition. 

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Grab your skis, shark repellant, and Sea World Day pass causes Rob, James, and special guest Steven Tobiasz as we chat about the unnecessary sequel JAWS 3D

REMAKES begin @ 58:30: James throws in some animation; Rob borrows from a film about dinosaurs; and Steven starts breeding sharks.

Follow Steven on twitter @ steventobiaz and see him live on stage with the Harold Team Cadaver at iO Chicago.

Follow Dugan on twitter @ DuganItRight and, as always, see Lil Tooties, a Harold Team, also at iO Chicago.

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The Dirty Dozen

The great Scott Goldstein drops in to turn Rob and James from the army's worst convicts to a rag tag crew of commandos. And also to talk about the Lee Marvin / Charles Bronson epic THE DIRTY DOZEN

Remakes begins at 51:50: Rob uses too many comedic actors; Dugan pitches it for HBO; and Scott brings in some A-Listers.

Sports talk begins at 1hr 12min.

Follow Scott on twitter @ Goldyhawks and check out Flat iron Comedy at the Flat Iron Building in Wicker before it goes away in January. For show information visit or find them on facebook

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