The Thin Man

Mark Colomb and Mel Evans from An Hour With Your Ex stop by to talk about the mystery romp, The Thin Man. Mark and Mel basically are Nick and Nora, but with cats instead of a dog and less drinking. Remakes begin at 49:56.

Follow Mel @mel_evans and Mark @Mark_Cool_Um on Twitter! And find An Hour With Your Ex on iTunes and the web at 

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It's a Wonderful Life/Sonic the Hedgehog

It's a very special Crossover Episode with the guys from the Nerdologues Podcast, Talking Games! This episode was taped live before a studio audience at the Cards Against Humanity Theater in Chicago, IL. With special thanks to Sweetwater Brewing, which reminds you to drink responsibly. 

In this episode, the guys talk about turning It's a Wonderful Life into a video game and turning Sonic the Hedgehog into a movie!

You can listen to Talking Games at

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It Happened One Night

Erin Thorn drops by the podcast to talk about the screwball classic, It Happened One Night. Josh Segovia fills in as guest host!

Follow Erin @ErinMThorn on Twitter.

Follow Josh on Twitter @JoshSegoviaSux!

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Mask of Zorro

Nicole Vespa swashbuckles onto the podcast to talk about the adventure romp, The Mask of Zorro. With special guest host Clayton Margeson! Clayton ages it up, Rob pitches two curveballs, and Nicole considers the casting. Remakes begin at 54:15. 

See Nicole with Ghost Car at the Playground Theatre and in the Chicago Nerd Festival, and follow her on Twitter @scootergoesbeep.

You can check Clayton out on the Talking Games podcast and find him on Twitter @claytonmargeson.  

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While You Were Sleeping

Bethany Remely takes the rom-com train to Remake-ville, to talk about the 90's classic, While You Were Sleeping. Rob makes it darker, Josiah makes it sad, and Bethany wishes it could be the same (but remakes it anyway). Remakes begin at 56:30. And stay tuned for the Murdoch Minute (with Mike Klasek) at the end! 

Follow Bethany on Twitter at @thebremely!

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