Rob and Bri groomed their mustaches and welcomed new huckleberry special guest Katie Tyner to sit on spell about TOMBSTONE

Remakes being @ 1hr: Bri is inspired by #squadgoals; Rob gets lost in his remake; and Katie has a few ideas (she took notes!)

Check out Bri on Fridays at Hitch Cocktails at the annoyance OR Baby Wants Candy at the Apollo.

Check out Katie Tyner at iO Chicago on the harold team Bunk 7 and go see In Stitches at the Crowd Theatre to support Humor 4 Hope. Also follow her on twitter @ katiemtyner

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Cruel Intentions

Rob is joined by new co-host Bri Fitzpatrick along with special guest Alex Garday to discuss the Sarah Michelle Gellar movie CRUEL INTENTIONS.

Remakes begin at 1hr 9mins: Rob gives it a Sofia Coppola spin; Bri changes the location; and Alex gets inspired by Tennessee Williams.

Check out Alex at Comedy Sportz Chicago and at VAMP Fridays and Saturdays at MCL. Also, check out both Alex and Bri in the director's program shows in July!

And follow him on twitter @ agarday

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The Princess Bride

We had such fun storming the castle we had to talk about it. Special guests Jason Stockdale and Kelly Keegan join Rob on a quest to chat about THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

Remakes begin at 45mins: Rob pitches a pirate prequel; Kelly introduces a brand new cast; and Jason has TWO remakes!

Visit Kelly at The Art Institute of Chicago; And check out Jason at Comedy Sportz ChicagoHitch Cocktails Fridays at 10pm at the Annoyance, and Clued In Saturdays at 9pm at The Beat Lounge, Second City.


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Mrs Doubtfire

Rob is joined by Max Ganet and Caitlin Boylan to discuss the Robin Williams classic MRS. DOUBTFIRE

Remakes begin at 37:30: Caitlin's remake teaches some lessons; Rob gives it a horror twist; and Max adds multiple Robin Williams. Also, Max does a great job of connecting ALL of Robin William's movies.

Check out Max and Caitlin in Damn, Gina! and Devil's Daughter at iO Chicago. 

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