Now You See Me 2

Hosts Mike Klasek and Marty Schousboe take you down the rabbit hole that is NOW YOU SEE ME 2. Hold on to your hats because they go full radio lab in this episode.

Segment 1: Marybess Pritchett, Heather Harrison, Sarah Nagy, Erin Couglin, Shannon Leigh Mann, Phil Meister, and Josh Henderson-Cox

Segment 2: Gary Richardson and Steph Cook

Segment 3: Josh Henderson-Cox and Lee Benzaquin

If you live in Chicago check out the CHICAGO MAGIC LOUNGE. If you live in New York visit THE ANNOYANCE THEATRE.

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Know podcasters Rob and Bri switch places with know comedian Susan Glynn to talk about the mess that's the Ellen Barkin movie SWITCH.

Remakes begin @ 48mins: Bri gets stumped but finds inspiration from a duck; Rob takes out the attractiveness; and Susan casts herself.

See Bri live everywhere: ComedySportz, BUNK 7 @ iO Chicago; the improvised rock opera Anarchy; Baby Wants Candy; and others! Find more info at

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Jerry Maguire

Rob and Bri learn some catchphrases, find out their kwan and discover that the world is cynical as MJ Price takes them through the Tom Cruise classic JERRY MAGUIRE.

Remakes begin @ 47:30: Rob tries to inception Tom Cruise; Bri uses the cast of a different movie; and MJ gives control to Darren Aronofsky.

See MJ live on stage at Comedysportz, with her iO Harold Team GIDEON, and with her HouseCo and the director's program at Second City.

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Dirty Work

Rob is joined by Tim De la Motte and Andy Dierker and we work out...I mean talk about the Norm MacDonald and Artie Lange film DIRTY WORK. Then we all get horses, move up to the mountains and stop bother people. 

Remakes begin @ 40mins 30sec

Rob gets rid of all the comedy; Tim is inspired by Shanghai Knights; and Andy sets it in a time where offensive jokes are okay.

Follow Tim on Instagram @ timdelamotte and go have lunch with Andy!


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The Flight of Dragons

Josiah is back for an episode!!! We invited the great Padraic Connelly on to talk about the horrible animated movie THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS

Remakes begin @ 51mins

Josiah plays up the science and magic; Rob pulls a poor man's Fight Club; and Pad is inspired by the Wizard of Oz!

Follow Pad on twitter @ PadConnelly and check out his podcast OUR FATHER. Also see Pad live on stage at Comedy Sportz and Whirled News Tonight at iO Chicago.

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